Die 15. Auflage des Madeira Island Ultra-Trail verzeichnete eine Rekordteilnehmerzahl und war ein voller Erfolg. Das Rennen wurde von den Athleten gelobt

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MACHICO. (POR) The 15th edition of the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail was a real success and earned praise from everyone, especially the athletes. Many promise to return and guarantee that they will be in Madeira next year, in April, for the 16th edition. The MIUT is one of the founding events of the World Trail Majors, the new world trail running circuit. This year’s edition saw two records broken, one in the 85 km race and the other in the 16 km race.

Figures and curiosities from the 2024 edition

The 2024 edition had a record number of registered athletes: 3,481 in total, 2,300 of them foreigners. There were 58 nationalities represented at the MIUT. France, with 1,192 athletes, was the most represented country, followed by Portugal (1,003).

Entries per race in 2024: MIUT’115 km (1,051 athletes), MIUT’85 km (526 athletes), MIUT’60 km (547 athletes), MIUT’42 km (834 athletes) and MIUT’16 km (523 athletes).

The MIUT’s 115 km premier race once again crossed the island of Madeira in a northwest-southeast direction, starting in Porto Moniz, at sea level, passing through the island’s highest points, and then returning to sea level for the finish line in Machico.

The 15th edition of the MIUT was attended by 850 volunteers, spread across various tasks, such as clearing paths, refueling stations (there are 13 stations), security, markings, secretariat, as well as the timing system, communication and other essential aspects for the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail.

Two records make MIUT even brighter

On Sunday, Spaniard Eduard Hernandez Teixidor, from the Matxac team, completed the 16 km, the shortest race in the MIUT, in 01:03:31 hours. With this mark, he set the record for the distance, which used to belong to Jules Delabelle. Last year, the Frenchman had completed the 16 km of the MIUT in 1:05:28 hours.

On Saturday, the first day of the event, the MIUT had already set a record. In the 85 km race, Ramon Manetsch beat the previous best (8:46.35 hours) which had belonged to English Thomas Evans since 2022. Switzerland’s Ramon Manetsch completed the course in 8:44:28 hours.


Top-3 by race

MIUT 115 km


1.º – Ben Dhiman (United States) – 13:52:46 hours

2.º – Martin Kern (France) – 14:15:23

3.º – Anthony Costa (France) – 14:15:40


1.ª – Martina Valmassoi (Italy) – 16:14:10 hours

2.ª – Anne-Lise Rousset Séguret (France) – 16:28:27

3.ª – Maite Maiora (Spain) – 17:12:22


MIUT 85 km


1.º – Ramon Manetsch (Switzerland) – 08:44:28 hours

2.º – Caleb Olson (United States) – 09:02:57

3.º – Jordi Gamito (Spain) – 09:35:53


1.ª – Ariane Wilhem (Switzerland) – 10:35:42 hours

2.ª – Silvia Puigarnau (Spain) – 11:00:04

3.ª – Marie-Luise Muhlhuber (Germany) – 11:06:17


MIUT 60 km


1.º – Pavel Serov (Norway) – 06:07:41 hours

2.º –  Massimo Farcoz (Italy) – 06:08:28

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